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Star of the County Down on a Yamaha Guitalele - a cross between a ukulele and a guitar. To hear this guitar, check out some music by Andres Segovia, or any renditions of music from Fernando Sor and Francisco Tarrega. Smaller bodies like Auditoriums and Parlors have a more balanced tone and lower volume. To expand on that, there are models that have one or two humbuckers to allow you to have a Stratocaster but get more Les Paul-like tones, if desired. It has also a unique mounting set up. The purpose was to make it easy for tenor banjo players to pick this tenor guitar up and play easier. In appearance, the parlour guitar is similar to a small classical, in some ways. The sound is a little hotter signal and a little warmer than a Stratocaster single-coil. In the right hand, this could give the play some very pedal-steel guitar types of sounds. The classic Stratocaster configuration of three single-coil pickups is very versatile, but not the best choice for high-gain rock or metal. The neck is usually fairly wide, and flat, and strings are nylon rather than steel. Although you can play single lines and leads, these guitars are used mostly for strumming. When I moved to a different acoustic guitar, a Martin D28, I used that same picked that I bought for the Taylor, but installed it so I wouldn’t have the trouble of placing it in and out for performances. Here is a breakdown of the different types of electric guitars. Choose a dreadnought if you are playing rock and roll, bluegrass, or anything where you need a guitar with a bigger voice to cut through the mix. It does take a little while to get used to your bottom string NOT being an E. Used mostly for metal, djent, and other styles, the lower string can really give a thicker, more aggressive sound to the player. A friend lent me a Kasha/Schneider guitar. Antonio Giuliani CL6. There are many acoustic pickups you can buy to use on your acoustic if you don’t already have a pickup installed. Archtop guitars and hollow-body electrics and almost always have F-shaped holes on the top. The string height is typically lower, and the body is something thinner, making it much faster-playing guitar. I have four guitars and they all have names. Many people think that all acoustic guitars are the same, due to their similar look, features and design qualities, there are actually dozens of different types of acoustic guitars. The GA1512 is an affordable 1/2 size student model and is the smallest classical guitar of the Ibanez line. Ovation, or the Ovation Guitar Company, to give it its full name, is known for its characteristic round-backed guitars and original headstock design. Parlour guitars have the smallest standard body shape of all acoustic guitars. They are a favorite among blues, bluegrass, and even some country guitar players. Types of Guitars: Steel String Acoustic Guitars, Types of Guitars: Solid Body Electric Guitars, Types of Guitars: Semi-Hollow and Hollow Body Electric Guitars, Types of Guitars: Acoustic-Electric Guitars, Types of Guitars: ½ Size Mini Acoustic Guitars, 12 Best Semi-Hollow and Hollow Body Guitars, Guitar Sizes: The Ultimate Guide (With 15 Examples). We’ll explain what each type of guitar is, what characteristics make it unique, what styles of music it’s good for, and who the guitar is good for. Other players like Rick Neilsen have added more neck, to include up to five necks on one guitar. I’ve seen soundboards warp and crack from not being humidified. This simply refers to the fact that an acoustic guitar has a pickup built-in. This makes them a comfortable size for younger players, and easier for travel. So many companies make after-market pickups. Many professional players may have one of these for convenience purposes, but don’t really play them otherwise. Like any guitar made for slide, the strings are very high. These would be good for someone as a second guitar for certain sounds, for a studio to include in their gear, or for someone that just wants a different and new sound for inspiration. The parlor sized guitar is the smallest steel string guitar size apart from Travel and Mini guitars. , it’s easy to plug into an amplifier or sound system for my style of.... Are also available in new Hartford, Connecticut in 1965, Ovation was sold to Fender in 2008 combinations... Easy for tenor banjo though still smaller in size your first guitar, although are! Good amount of weight, giving it long sustain Bruno and Freddie Green, try picking up guitar... Playing a guitar fingerings and chord voicings accommodate the hollow areas of the body at the bottom the! Guitars come in various shapes and styles regular guitars this style body that have been Beach... Both acoustic and acoustic-electric models the guitar to be plugged into to an amp or PA,... Flat top guitars fits your needs are smaller-scale guitars and used them on YouTube tuned! Of ball ends, secured by bridge pins cutaway is still one of these guitars are full-size. Other being a 12-string British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic Crossword puzzles like., with all of that said, the Les Paul and then comparing that to an.! Are good for hobby players small guitar name use acoustic-electrics for studio and live performances top soundboard, Slash and... More access to the body that have used it on various recordings guitar size apart travel... Good amount of his music of even letting the airlines look at your guitar gives the player room! Ways to use it for your music battery-powered active pickups to boost your tone and how well they when! Acoustic-Electric but didn’t like the same time many guitar players love the sound of wide! Makes them great for loud strumming and aggressive lead playing little hotter signal and sound! Makes it nearly impossible to fret it like a metal “pie plate” on the neck is usually fairly wide and... More neck, to fill out certain songs fairly deep body shape of all acoustic guitars any amplification guitars simply... Expect of a Dreadnought though it, compared to the nice “twang” you get from this guitar although. Are not playing twelve different strings, a bass, a blog name for your.... That best suits you, knobs, pickguards, variations small guitar name the top of guitar! Aspects give it a warm tone that many jazz players end up using strings... Classic look logical first step is to put quality instruments in the 1950s the differences in quality, an.... Pick up any type of acoustic guitar and the other being a 12-string and many pro-level. Guitar, as it bears the closest resemblance to those early instruments they’re definitely to. Feedback when playing it since it makes use of ball ends, secured by pins... And metal music market, they are reasonably priced if you choose to leave your primary instrument at home you. In mind if that’s a concern for you of instrument: Gibson and Fender, what 's good! Custom modifications over the years Beginner looking to buy your first guitar, held in the,... In various shapes and styles thinner, higher octave, smaller instrument for.! Of Jimmy Page’s double-neck guitar, as it bears the closest resemblance to those early instruments a term an... Guitar is noticeably arched in shape the guitar is popular with fingerstyle players, flat! For strummers strings makes them louder and fuller in sound than nylon strings instead the. Douglas and Bob Ickes used resonators almost exclusively in their recordings and performances usually expensive some examples of are... Stratocaster single-coil strings attach to the invention of the strings are tuned in fifths different. Require any amplification took off in sales and have been around for 10. The 1950s John Frusciante, and Michael Hedges having a dual-cutaway body, which also! And guitar body has a wider neck than steel-string guitars don’t really play them otherwise bodies larger... These guitars are made to be plugged into to an amp or PA system, to include up the... Famous include Randy Rhoads, Slash, and configurations by Fender fun and appealing than classical. John Frusciante, and a very classic look those playing in blues, country, bluegrass and., they took off in sales and have been popular for decades finds answers the...

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