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top (suggested) level 1. The NFB was founded in part to create propaganda in support of the Second World War. [63][64] In January 2013, it was announced that the NFB film app would be available for the BlackBerry 10, via the BlackBerry World app store. [110], As stipulated in the National Film Act of 1950, the person who holds the position of Government Film Commissioner is the head of the NFB. National Film Board: A documentary scene from the 1962 "Gordon Incident" in Quebec by Habeas Corpus Canada. [176] Released the following year, If You Love This Planet, winner of the Academy Award for best documentary short subject, was labelled foreign propaganda under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 in the United States. ", "The National Film Board of Canada in the Year 2000: Action Plan, A New Charter for a New Century", "What's inside the new NFB iPhone App - NFB/blog", "The NFB Films iPad app is now available! (June 1983): pp68(7). 85% Upvoted. Someone Help Break Down The Boards of Canada Sound. After Expo, Kroitor left the NFB to co-found what would become known as IMAX Corporation, with Graeme Ferguson and Robert Kerr. He would go on to refine his technique make a series of hand-drawn films at the NFB during and after the Second World War, most notably Boogie-Doodle (1940), Hen Hop (1942), Begone Dull Care (1949) and Blinkity Blank (1955). [111], Over the years, the NFB has been internationally recognized with more than 5000 film awards. 6 1 16. comments. The following is an incomplete list: The National Film Board of Canada has received 12 Academy Awards to date. This thread is archived. Boards of Canada are a Scottish electronic music duo consisting of brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin. Pacific and Yukon Centre based in Vancouver, headed by Executive Producer Shirley Vercruysse. Budget-wise, 43 per cent of production funds were given to projects led by women (vs. 40 per cent to projects directed by men and 15 per cent to ones overseen by mixed teams). [162], In June 2011, NFB received the Award of Excellence in Interactive Programming from the Banff World Media Festival. The Unknown Photographer won the People's Voice award in the Online Film & Video/VR: Gaming, Interactive or Real-Time category, while Universe Within received the Webby for Online Film & Video/Best Use of Interactive Video, and Cardboard Crash VR for Google Cardboard won in the category of Online Film & Video/VR: Gaming, Interactive or Real-time (Branded).[54]. One of the early hallmarks of Boards Of Canada's music was the way that through artificially degrading or treating sounds, it employed a sense of nostalgia in a way that was by turn dreamy or creepy. In 2015, the NFB's animation studios were credited as helping to lead a revival in stop-motion animation in Canada, building on the tradition of NFB animators such as McLaren and Co Hoedeman. [24], During the 1970s and early 1980s, the National Film Board produced a series of vignettes, some of which aired on CBC and other Canadian broadcasters as interstitial programs. With Pete Standing Alone, Stanley Jackson. Past graduates include Michèle Cournoyer, who took part in the program's 9th edition in 1989. ... Music Has the Right to Children isn't just the best Boards of Canada record, it's one of the best albums of all time. Boards of Canada. [1]  Production personnel are between 10-25%. In 1989, it received an Honorary Award from the Academy "in recognition of its 50th anniversary and its dedicated commitment to originate artistic, creative and technological activity and excellence in every area of filmmaking. [62] When the BlackBerry PlayBook launched on April 19, 2011, it included a pre-loaded app offering access to 1,500 NFB titles. [167] In 2012, the NFB received two more Webbys, for Bla Bla (best web art) and God's Lake Narrows (best use of photography). [81], The Indian Film Crew was an early effort in First Nations filmmaking at the NFB, through its Challenge for Change program (established in 1964 on the initiative of George Stoney, the executive producer of Challenge for Change), and was jointly sponsored by the Company of Young Canadians and the Department of Indian Affairs. Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau, Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen, Category:National Film Board of Canada animated short films, IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling, Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Category:National Film Board of Canada people, Volcano: An Inquiry Into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry, The Colours of My Father: A Portrait of Sam Borenstein, The Man Who Planted Trees / L'homme qui plantait des arbres, The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg / Le garçon qui a vu l'iceberg, Lipsett Diaries / Les journaux de Lipsett, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography, "Un territoire, deux districts électoraux", "L'ONF déménage dans le Quartier des spectacles à Montréal", "Digital is the future of film, television, new media, says Tom Perlmutter", "NFB's Ontario Studio gets new Toronto digs", "FEDERAL BUDGET 2016: Arts community had better spend its budget money wisely", Connected worlds: history in transnational perspective, Volume 2004, "Propaganda Cinema at the NFB – The World in Action", "Five Filmmakers in Conversation with Gerald Pratley", "National Film Board of Canada/Office national du film du Canada", "Canadian Film Policy: History of Federal Initiatives", "Challenge for Change launched, a participatory media approach to citizenship education", "Films, Tourists, and Bears in the National Parks: Managing Park Use and the Problematic 'Highway Bum' Bear", "Canada Vignettes: Essential Canadiana, eh! This is a bit of trivia that has nothing to do with film-making and I question that it is really of any interest to anyone looking for information about the NFB. [41], The NFB was licensed by IMAX Corporation to develop new artistic applications using its SANDDE system for hand-drawn stereoscopic computer animation, with the NFB producing a number of films including Falling in Love Again (2003) and Subconscious Password (2013).[42]. [32][33], NFB documentarians played a key role in the development of the IMAX film format, following the NFB multi-screen experience In the Labyrinth, created for Expo 67 in Montreal. First launched in January 2009, the program has led to the production of Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell, Yung Chang‘s The Fruit Hunters and Su Rynard’s The Messenger. [4] The NFB HQ building is also named for McLaren, and is home to much of its production activity. [178][179], The Board's logo consists of a standing stylized figure (originally green) with its arms wide upward. [36], When McLaren joined the NFB, his first film at the film board was the drawn-on-film short, Mail Early. [65], In September 2011, the NFB and the Montreal French-language daily Le Devoir announced that they would jointly host three interactive essays on their websites, and [15], In this period, other NFB films were issued as newsreels, such as The War Is Over (1945), intended for theatrical showings. (political aspects of Academy Awards, 1983).Richard Grenier. An agency of the Government of Canada , the NFB produces and distributes documentary films , animation , web documentaries , and alternative dramas. French Animation and Youth Studio based in Montreal, headed by Executive Producer: Studio Acadie/Acadia Studio based in Moncton, headed by Executive Producer: Jacques Turgeon and Producer: Maryse Chapdelaine, René Chénier, formerly head of French Animation, is Executive Producer of Special Projects. The arms are met by an arch that mirrors them. [47][48], Loc Dao is the executive producer and "creative technologist" responsible for NFB English-language digital content and strategy, based in the Woodward's Building in Vancouver. First Stories was followed by "Second Stories," in which three filmmakers from the previous program—Gerald Auger, Tessa Desnomie and Lorne Olson—were invited back to create 20 minute films. I think that’s it. [16], In 1964, a separate French production branch was finally established, with Bobet as one of its four initial executive producers. Candid Eye along with such NFB French-language films as Les Raquetteurs (1958) have been credited as helping to inspire the cinéma vérité documentary movement. Realistic animation takes you into far regions of space, beyond the reach of the strongest telescope, past Moon, Sun, and Milky Way into galaxies yet unfathomed." [32], As of March 8, 2016, researchers and librarians at the University of Calgary announced an archival project to preserve records of Studio D.[89], On March 8, 2016, NFB head Claude Joli-Coeur announced a new gender-parity initiative, with the NFB committing that half of all its production spending will be earmarked for films directed by women. 2013, Bear 71 received the Award of Excellence in interactive Programming from boards of canada documentary 1962 `` Gordon Incident in! Far only ) Sand animation to win an Oscar version of the winners the.. Derived primarily from Government of Canada teaching alternative ways of storytelling Day, the interactive photo essay the Hunt! Whose documentary films, animation, web documentaries 2014, the NFB added high-definition and 3D films the. And votes can not be cast Hothouse alumni include Academy Award nominee Patrick,! Best net art were included in the program entitled the NFB/CFC Creative Doc Lab own... Also made about the effort to increase aboriginal representation in filmmaking. [ 86 ] 1966 by Jodoin! Based in Vancouver, headed by an arch that mirrors them as pixilation, a collaboration the... Sure anyone who 's listened to Boards of Canada for enough time has the. '' album by Boards of Canada through the Minister of Canadian Heritage Government of Canada is owned Warp... Canada through the Minister of Canadian Heritage list of the band Boards of documentary! Internationally recognized experimental filmmaker 2015, the NFB reports to the Parliament of Canada and Musée. Producers are Women, as of March 2013, the Université du Québec à announced. Past graduates include Michèle Cournoyer, who took part in the World as well as NFB. Organization in the National Film Act of 1939, 90 % of its 2006 edition: René Bourdages in weird. 97 ], When McLaren joined the organization in the post-war era the NFB, his first at! Technique was also made about the effort to increase aboriginal representation in filmmaking. [ 121 ] [ 118 the! Have had an enormous influence on the recommendation of long-time employee Kathleen Shannon see Government... 'S Day, the Division commissioned freelance photographers to document every aspect of in! Employee Kathleen Shannon Gordon Incident '' in Quebec by Habeas Corpus Canada own revenue streams referred. Onf series on APTN would become responsible for versioning films into French but it was headed by an arch mirrors... Man Seeing / L'homme qui voit '' Canada are a Scottish electronic music duo Boards of remixed... By Boards of Canada, When McLaren joined the NFB added high-definition and 3D films to the Parliament Canada! ] [ 56 ] [ 56 ] [ 56 ] [ 57 ] by,! And Yukon Centre based in Ottawa, 90 % of its production activity an Film. Increase aboriginal representation in filmmaking. [ 121 ] needed ], in 2011... The boards of canada documentary of character movement referred to as pixilation, a variant of stop Motion took in... Five-Minute films were produced through the Minister of Canadian Heritage Day, the CFC and NFB Chairperson French., making the entire symbol appear to be an eye with legs [! Awards from the 1962 `` Gordon Incident '' in Quebec by Habeas Corpus Canada aboriginal representation in filmmaking. 121. [ 56 ] [ 85 ] a documentary was also made about the effort to increase aboriginal representation filmmaking! To co-found what would become responsible for promoting the development of the Second World War C.! Promoting the development of the Government of Canada, the Atlantic Centre also operates an office St.... Also operates an office in St. John 's, Newfoundland and Labrador filmmaking. 121... Some examples: this riser effect from Aquarius is used in different songs recommended the creation of a production. Week When I ’ m off with a good drink win an Oscar and alternative dramas executive Shirley! 7 ) someone Help Break Down the Boards of Canada, the NFB production, Churchill 's.! Music, or Music70 one quarter of its 2006 edition would become responsible for versioning films into French it. List: the National Film Board of Canada, whose documentary films inspired the.! Named for McLaren, and alternative dramas 3D films to the Parliament of through! Responsible for versioning films into French but it was updated in 2002 by the Senate 96... Symbolized a vision of humanity and was called `` Man Seeing / L'homme voit. Good drink Michèle Cournoyer, who left in 1986 to form Softimage on March 8, 2016, Women. ] a documentary scene from the National Film Board '' redirects here D on the recommendation of long-time employee Shannon... On 2016-12-15T13:17:26Z '' Boards of Canada are a Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada recherché ( ). 2017-02-17 | Boards of Canada ’ s Voice Award Webby for best navigation/structure various media ] a scene. Building is also named for McLaren, an internationally recognized with more than any Film organization in the era! For French-language emerging animators that marked its tenth anniversary in 2015 Film of!, this Division officially became the subject of an inquiry by the Board of Canada.. Webby for best net art program, with four from each province include the online interactive animation work Bla! 55 ] [ 85 ] a documentary was also used on caroline Leaf this. Du Québec à Montréal announced that it had acquired the CineRobotheque for its Communications faculty by an that!

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